Hello everyone,

I’m terribly sorry for the lack of posts. I have no excuses for the disappearance (other than beginning a new career) and have made the decision to disassemble this page. I’ve found that I can’t seem to dedicate myself as a lone wolf.

Though there is good news. I’ve partnered with another like-minded individual who will keep me more accountable and we’ve decided to create a new blog that will open on the New Moon. New posts will happen weekly on Fridays and alternate authors.

Please check us out at MidwestWitches.wordpress.com on Friday. We’ll have a lot of the same kind of information (like book reviews), plus much more knowledge we’ve both acquired throughout our spiritual journeys. We also intend on taking  mini-road trips to review some events that are happening more locally as well as information on local vendors. We’ll be using code-names since we live in the Bible Belt and one of us isn’t out of the proverbial broom-closet at work, so instead of Liz be on the lookout for anything authored by SidheSidhe Teg. You can reach me in the future at the following e-mail address Midwestwitches@gmail.com.

Blessed Be!!


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