Pagan Portals the Morrigan by Morgan Daimler


What a fantastically appropriate title for this informational book, The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens! If you know anything about The Morrigan, then you already know that the title of ‘Morrigan’ can cover a number of goddesses, all of which are great queens of their domains. And if you don’t know that, and you have interest in this ‘dark’ goddess, then this book was written just for you.

Morgan Daimler stuffed this short piece to the brim with academic information and personal experiences, making it a definite go-to reference book if you wish to know anything about The Morrigan. However, if you crave more details about The Morrigan the author does lay out recommendations and sites her sources for further reading. Daimler has written a number of books relating to other Pagan topics that seem interesting and already have many positive reviews on other sites. She is definitely an author worth further exploration.

Pagan Portals is more of a series title than a working title, and consists not only of books written on other gods and goddesses (Celtic and Greek), but also about topics such as pathworking, fairy witchcraft, astrological herbs, hoodoo, and many, many more. This series is published through Moon Books, which is a company that specifically caters to Paganism and Shamanism according to their website. From just browsing titles on their site you can find almost anything you may be interested to learn more about.


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