Salt is for Curing by Sonya Vatomsky


If you enjoy poetry with dark imagery and ‘witchy’ depictions then Salt is for Curing is definitely up your alley. Sonya Vatomsky beautifully describes her life, love, and survival through mental images of food and spell symbolism. Written in sections, like that of a sophisticated feast, this tiny, 77 page paperback will fill your mind with contemplation and is just what your soul needs to feel satiated.

While the author describes her debut as simply a “collection of poems about bones, dill, and survival”, it is so much more than that. The publisher, SATOR (which is magical in its name already), goes further to describe the poems as able to “conjure up a vapor of earthly pains and magical desires; like the most enduring rituals”, that “Vatomsky’s poems both intoxicate and ward”. This may be going a little overboard on the magical wordplay from SATOR, but at the same time the reader really does feel intoxicated with Vatomsky’s writings. It’s as though her pain and desires can be felt through her poems, which feels like more than just excellent writing.

I’ll admit that I really only picked up this gem because the cover caught my eye. So props to Ken Baumann who designed that. Any witch should at least be familiar with the idea of salt circles, and with the hint of the pentagram the cover screamed at me to at least explore the interior. Instead, I greedily gulped it down as though I’d been starving my entire life. I intend to go back to it (after I have some spending money to purchase it!) and slowly roll each poem around in my mouth for a better taste. Definitely worth the time and money, considering what elation it gave to my being.


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