Personality Numbers

While this is the least significant number according to Michelle Buchanan and can be overshadowed by the previous numbers we calculated as well as one’s Astrological Sun Sign, I felt like this number was worth a shot. This is calculated just like the Destiny Numbers and Soul Numbers, but instead of your full birth name or just the vowels, we instead calculate the consonants. My consonants are (23 = 2+3= 5), (13 = 1+3= 4), and (20=2). Adding those all up 5+4+2 = 11. So basically my Destiny and Personality Numbers are the same, just like my Soul and Life Path Numbers are the same. So while I haven’t necessarily reached this point yet, other people already perceiveĀ me as an “Inspirational Teacher”, according to the book I’m basing all of this information from. It’s an interesting idea, but I may need to ask in order to confirm this finding.


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