Destiny Numbers

The book Numerology: discover your future, life purpose and destiny from your birth date and name by Michelle Buchanan also mentioned a Destiny Number. This is calculated using your full given name at the time of birth (like from your birth certificate). If you were called Baby as a name placeholder for the first few months then you would simply use that. This number is a little trickier to calculate as each letter represents a number. So here’s a handy chart I’ve found.numerology-destiny-number

Similar to the Life Path Number you add all of those numbers together, but you separate each portion of your name. So hopefully your birth name isn’t ridiculously long like mine and you don’t have three middle names. For example my first name ends up being 43 (4+3=7), my middle name 28 (2+8=10=1), and my last name when I was born 30 (3+0=3). So then I add 7+1+3=11. Which of course is the tricky situation. Because 11, 22, and 33 are special and don’t get reduced down. They get to be considered 11/2, 22/4, and 33/6. So my destiny number is 11/2, which isn’t really a number in my opinion, but it does get it’s own category in the book.

Basically someone with a Destiny Number of 11/2 is considered a ‘higher octave of the base number 2’ and is considered an ‘old soul’ which I have been called many times. According to Buchanan I am destined to become an ‘Inspirational teacher’, which technically she states I already am. This is interesting to me considering that my Life Path Number is 9, which indicates a potential career as a teacher. But basically as an 11/2 I’m intuitive (which I most definitely am), embark on journeys of self-development (I’m on this now), are enthusiastic, sensitive, and run on a higher voltage of nervous energy (anxiety anyone?). So basically I’m going to agree with all of this. The clincher is that I must overcome my obstacles as a 2 in order to spread my wisdom I achieve (which apparently is usually after 11/2’s hit middle age). So things I need to work/meditate on are aspects like jealousy, moodiness & hypersensitivity, indecisiveness, and insecurity. And yes, I am all of those aspects often and do need to work on them to better myself as a human.


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